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Special Forces Combat Dive Course is difficult training requiring a strong mental attitude, good swimming ability, great physical condition as well as the ability to be comfortable in the water.  The training is primarily for members of the military that will serve on a Special Operations dive team as in Special Forces, Rangers, Air Force Special Operations, etc.  The training takes place in Key West, Florida on the Naval Air Station at Key West.

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Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course (CDQC).



In addition to dive training the member of a Special Forces Combat Dive team must be skilled in helicast, small boats, water parachute jumps, and numerous other associated maritime skills.

Videos on National Guard Combat Divers

Guard SF Works with Navy and USCG, 3/20th combat diver team conducts diver training at Naval Station Mayport, Florida in Spring 2015. Training includes diver requalification, HELO-cast, deep dive, and Draeger Rebreather training. DVIDS video, 5 mins long.

National Guard Special Forces Combat Diver. Members of 3rd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group (Florida) train at the U.S. Army Special Forces Combat Dive School at Key West, Florida.

NG SF Combat Divers Train at SFUWO.

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