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March 2024, Mustering for War: Army National Guard Mobilization for the Global War on Terror, by Michael G. Anderson, Combat Studies Institute Press, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, PDF, 178 pages. This publication has mentions of the Army National Guard Special Forces Groups on pages 29-31, 54, 98, and 147.

January 13, 2021. "Earning the Green Beret in the National Guard", SOF News. Two members of the National Guard discuss the challenges of the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS).

June 19, 2020. "North Carolina Guard conducts airborne operations",

June 5, 2020. "19th Special Forces Group in D.C.", SOF News. About 200 members of the Utah National Guard were sent to D.C. to assist law enforcement agencies in providing security during the recent riots and protests.

August 6, 2019. "Ribbon Cutting for Utah Guard's New Special Forces Readiness Center", Utah National Guard. The new facility is dedicated to the memory of SSG Aaron Butler - a 19th Group NCO who died in Afghanistan in 2017.

July 3, 2019. "Special Forces Soldiers train with Polish, Latvian allies in West Virginia", NATO allies train with 19th SFGA.

October 3, 2018. "Va. crews train, build trust with W. Va. special operators", 19th SFG members from West Virginia train with Virginia helicopter crews.

September 28, 2018. "Saber Junction 18 - KASP and 20th SFGA Train in UW", SOF News. 20th Group personnel train with Lithuania National Defense Volunteer Force (NDVF) at JMRC, Hohenfels, Germany.

March 20, 2018. "Special Forces soldiers awarded Silver Stars for bravery in Afghanistan", Army Times. For members of the 19th SFGA are awarded for their actions against ISIS fighters in Nangarhar province.

March 17, 2018. "Soldiers of Utah-based special forces unit honored for valor", The Seattle Times. Awards for valor during a 2017 deployment to Afghanistan.

August 11, 2017. "Survival in Utah's elite special forces isn't a game. But it can be for civilians", Salt Lake Tribune. Civilians learn about NG SF during the Special Forces Survival Experience.

June 2017. "Special Indeed", National Guard Magazine. An explanation of NG SF with stories of deployments to Afghanistan.

March 5, 2017. "Colorado National Guard deploys 65 people to Afghanistan for 9 months", Fox 31 TV Denver. Company B, 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces is heading to Afghanistan.

September 21, 2016. "Indiana National Guard welcomes Special Forces soldiers", Indiana National Guard. Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group was re-stationed to Camp Atterbury, Indiana in September 2016.

September 2, 2015. "Indiana National Guard receives Special Forces unit", Indiana National Guard.

June 6, 2016. "Elite Md. National Guard unit teams up with NATO commandos", The Baltimore Sun. News story about SOD-O; a special operations unit that augments NATO special operations staffs and units. The NG SF unit supports US SOF efforts in NATO. The "O" in SOD-O stands for "OTAN", which is "NATO" spelled backwards.

May 16, 2016. "Maryland Now Has a Special Forces Unit Dedicated to Countering Russia", War is Boring.

April 29, 2016. "Special Forces soldiers who 'get the job done' recognized with valor awards". Nine members of A/1/19th SFGA were honored for service in Afghanstan in 2015.

January 20, 2016. "Wife of fallen Green Beret shares their love story", Army Times. The wife of SSG Matthew McClintock provides a look at the father and husband that was killed in Marjah district, Helmand province, Afghanistan in January 2016.

January 6, 2016. "DoD Identifies Army Casualty", DoD News. SSG Matthew McClintock of 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group died on January 5, 2016 of small arms fire in Marjah district, Helmand province, Afghanistan.

December 2015. "Over There", Texas Monthly. Soldiers from Special Operations Detachment - Africa participate in Operation Flintlock in Africa.

August 21, 2015. "Texas Special Operations Detachment jumps into Key West". DVIDS. Key West, site of the Special Forces Combat Diver School, hosts special forces units for waterborne operations. Members of the Special Operations Detachment - Africa conduct a long-range parachute jump.

August 4, 2015. "The Army's secret weapon: Special Forces", The San Diego Union-Tribune. The men in A Company, 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group are profiled.

June 6, 2015. "New unit activates at Camp McCain". DVIDS. Company E, Support Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group was activated at Camp McCain Training Center in Mississippi.

May 7, 2015. "Utah Special Forces soldiers return from Afghanistan". 19th SFGA members complete 7 month long tour advising Afghan National Army Commandos.

April 30, 2015. "Nate Dressel, U.S. Army Green Beret, embraces new challenge". Monterey Herald. SF National Guard Soldier to compete in Wildflower Triathlion.

October 28, 2014. "NC Guard activates third special operations forces unit, steps up partnership with senior commands at Fort Bragg". DVIDS. The Special Operations Detachment (SOD) with support and augment U.S. Special Operations Command elements. The SOD's mission is to provide planning and mission support to special operations forces. The North Carolina National Guard SOD is one of 10 National Guard SODs located across the country, each of which supports a specific U.S. Special Operations Command component headquarters or theater headquarters, world-wide.

August 12, 2014. "Utah Guard's Special Forces win at Leapfest". The Standard Examiner. Team takes win at international static line parachute competition. View six minute long video of chopper jump.

August 12, 2014. "PNP Maritime Group police conduct direct action training mission with JIATF West ODA Special Forces operators". DVIDS. ODA 9136 trains with Philippine maritime forces.

August 12, 2014. "Illinois Special Forces Soldiers conduct Airborne training". DVIDS. Company A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group in Chicago.

July 19, 2014. "Jumping into their work: Ohio Special Forces unit conducts parachute jump". DVIDS. Members of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group conduct parachute jump in Ohio.

June 18, 2014. "Kentucky Special Forces soldiers honor D-Day paratroopers". DVIDS.  20th Special Forces Soldiers parachute from UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters at Camp Atterbury.

May 2, 2014. "Helocast training in south Mississippi". DVIDS. 20th SFGA elements take to the water.

April 24, 2014. "State Partnership Program continues to grow in North Carolina". DVIDS. Members of B Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group in North Carolina engage in exchange programs with Moldova.

April 23, 2014. "Troops take part in jumpmaster training". The Gadsden Times. Members of the 20th Special Forces Group take part in a 3-week long Jumpmaster Course in Alabama.

April 16, 2014. "Illinois National Guard Special Forces Company conducts readiness assessment". DVIDS. Company A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group in Chicago holds a Special Forces Assessment twice a year for Soldiers considering a career change into the challenging world of special operations.

March 5, 2014. "Masters of the Sky". DVIDS. Members of 20th SFGA and the Moldovan Special Forces conduct a HALO jump in North Carolina.

March 3, 2014. "Take the Hill: North Carolina officer named Army Congressional Fellow". DVIDS. MAJ Richard Trimble, former commander of a National Guard Special Forces company from 20th SFGA, will be assigned to a congressional office.

February 2014. "Rhode Island Commandos Quietly Deploy All Over the World". War is Boring. Info about the Special Operations Detachment - Global.

December 17, 2013. "N.C. Guard Green Berets train through air and water in Key West". DVIDS. Unit conducts maritime operations at Key West, Florida.

September 30, 2013. "Special Forces hopefuls attend readiness evaluation". DVIDS. North Carolina National Guard Special Forces unit screens potential SF candidates.

August 28, 2013. "Dragonslayers provide lift to Army National Guard". The Florida Times-Union. HH-60H Seahawk helicopters provide a jump platform for members of the 3rd Battalion 20th Special Forces in Florida.

August 14, 2013. "Florida Special Forces train at JRTC". Florida Guard Online. Over 400 Soldiers from 3/20th SFGA trained at Fort Polk this past July 2013. LTC John Pelleriti called the unconventional warfare exercise complex and challenging but said his battalion was well-prepared for the mission.

August 4, 2013. "Among the guerrillas: NC Green Berets give local cadets a tactical advantage". DVIDS. North Carolina SF train up ROTC cadets.

August 2, 2013. "Special Forces troops get their feet wet with parachute training". Kentucky National Guard. Troops conduct water jump.

July 29, 2013. "NC Guard soldiers host Team USA Youth Baseball Team". DVIDS. B/3/20th provides informational brief to young ball players.

June 2, 2013. "A special welcome home after deployment to Central America". A/3/20th returns from long deployment south of the border.

April 18, 2013. "Illinois National Guard holds Special Forces Readiness Assessment". Read

February 13, 2013. "Opportunity to spend time with Special Forces too good to pass on". Yakima Herald.  A reporter shoots on the range with A/1/19th SFGA.

February 11, 2013. "Florida's Special Forces Celebrate 50th Anniversary". DVIDS video at Camp Blanding, Florida.

February 11, 2013. "Texas Guard opens ranks to Special Operations Detachment". DVIDS. Special Operations Detachment - Africa or SOD-A is now part of the Texas Army National Guard and will support Special Operations Command - Africa in Stuttgart, Germany.

November 12, 2012. "New Guard unit to locate in Gadsden". The Gadsden Times. Group Support Battalion of the 20th Special Forces Group will locate to Gadsden, Alabama.

October 2012. "Texas Guard opens ranks to Special Operations Detachment". Texas Army National Guard Blog. Special Operations Detachment - Africa (SOD-A) will support Special Operations Command - Africa (SOCAfrica) in Stuttgart, Germany.

May 21, 2012.  "Three Illinois Guard Special Forces Soldiers Recognized at Wrigley Field".  Read

May 19, 2012.  "Gen Demsey Presents Silver Star to Illinois Guardsman".  DVIDS.

March 24, 2012.  "Special Forces Land Black Hawks Near Beach". SF's from 19th SFGA Rhode Island conduct helocasting into ocean.

February 24, 2012.  "Seven nations participate in exercise Atlas Accord in Mali".  DefenceWeb.

February 23, 2012.  "Pathfinders Get the Goods".  Shadow Spear.  19th Group Soldiers take part in Atlas Accord 12 in Mali, Africa.

January 30, 2012.  "Colorado Guard Special Forces trains Hawaii Civil Support Team".  USASOC News Release.

January 25, 2012.  "Snowmassing in the aspens: Guard Special Forces teach cold weather survival to Hawaii, Colorado Guardsmen".  Colorado PAO.

January 22, 2012.  "Bishop Kenny coach returns from serving in Afghanistan, inspires team".   The Florida Times-Union.

January 8, 2012.  "20th Special Forces Group Deliver Game Ball to N.C. State".

January 6, 2012.  "Moldovan Special Forces Soldiers Visit NC Guard During Familiarization Tour".  NC National Guard.

December 12, 2011.  "Malian Defense soldiers learn logistics with US Army Special Forces".  Defence Talk.

December 12, 2011.  "Florida National Guard Soldier writes, sings song about Citizen-Soldiers, Airmen".  Florida National Guard.

December 8, 2011.  "Guard unit played key role".  195th Forward Support Company in Afghanistan.

December 5, 2011.  "Malian Defense soldiers learn logistics with U.S. Army Special Forces".  U.S. Army Africa.

November 22, 2011.  "Ohio National Guard Special Forces Soldiers honor fallen comrade by dedicating drop zone in his name".  Ohio National Guard.

November 18, 2011.  "Md. Guard Special Forces jumping from new planes".  The Baltimore Sun.

November 17, 2011.  "Green Berets honor President Kennedy in ceremony". DVIDS.

November 14, 2011.  "Former Springfield Police Officer makes national news with Veterans Day Surprise".  Mass

November 11, 2011.  "Unscarred But Not Untouched After Afghanistan Tours".  Cary Patch.

November 11, 2011.  "Surprise! Veteran Reunites with Daughter After Year Deployment".  ABC News.

November 8, 2011.  "Special Forces Soldier Receives Aid for Son".  North Carolina National Guard.

November 3, 2011.  "The elite Guardsman".  Northwest

October 20, 2011.  "Senate passes bill to rename post office for fallen Plymouth soldier".  Patriot Ledger.

September 29, 2011.  "Illinois Guardsman Honored for Selfless Service in Afghanistan".  Illinois National Guard.

September 6, 2011.  "Ohio National Guard Special Forces unit descends on Camp Atterbury, Ind. for training mission".  Ohio National Guard.

September 2011. "Counter Criminal Continuum (C3) Policing in Springfield, Massachusetts".  The Police Chief, September 2011.

August 9, 2011.  "Special Operations Soldier Killed during combat operations in Afghanistan".  USASOC.

August 8, 2011.  "29th Annual Leapfest in Kingston".  South Kingston Patch.

August 6, 2011.  "Green Berets practice maritime skills Saturday after jump helicopters diverted".

July 26, 2011.  "French Government Honors Special Forces Soldiers".  American Forces Press Service.

July 18, 2011.  "N.C. Guard Special Forces Soldiers return after distinguished service".  NC National Guard.

May 29, 2011.  "Utah Guard troops arrive in Utah after duty in Iraq".  The Salt Lake Tribune.

May 25, 2011.  "Breaux Bridge honors Special Forces".  Teche News.

May 18, 2011.  "Special Forces Descend on Camp Atterbury".  National Guard.

May 17, 2011.  "2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group training at Camp Atterbury".  News Blaze.

April 18, 2011. "Atlas Drop Riggers Prep Chutes in Tough Conditions in Uganda". Utah National Guard Public Affairs.

April 18, 2011.  "Air assault, parachute teams capture attention at American Heroes Celebration".  DVIDS.

April 13, 2011.  "Special Forces soldiers return to Florida".  NG Forum.

April 5, 2011.  "Special Forces, special deliveries".

March 17, 2011.  "Dancing with the best - Close Quarters Combat".

March 11, 2011.  "Soldiers of 20th SFG look back on deployment to Afghanistan".  DVIDS.

March 1, 2011. "197th Special Troops Company hosts aerial Delivery System Familiarization and Operations in support of ATLAS DROP 2011". DVIDS. The company will support training Uganda troops in aerial resupply.

February 25, 2011.  "Special Forces Soldier Plays Football in Texas".  National Guard.

February 25, 2011.  "Alumnus to Discuss Career in Government, Military".  Virginia Military Institute.

February 3, 2011.  "SFBCC-S prepares service members for mission ahead".  DVIDS.

January 25, 2011.  "Maj. Gen. Carpenter visits Camp Montrand".  DVIDS.

January 24, 2011.  "National Guard's longest-serving adjutant general retires".  National Guard.

January 22, 2011.  "Injured soldier returns home for benefit in his honor".  North West Indiana Times.

January 21, 2011.  "A True Hero Returns Home".

January 19, 2011.  "Doctors testing acupuncture as pain treatment on medical flights".  Stars and Stripes.

January 12, 2011.  "Executive Spotlight: Steve Stratton of QinetiQ North America".  ExecutiveBiz.

January 7, 2011.  "Lieutenant Colonel Widener selected as Director".  Florida Guard Online.

January 3, 2011.  "Look, Listen and Be Helpful".  Strategy Page.Special Operations: Look, Listen And Be Helpful

December 28, 2010.  "Leading the Way: Model Seargeant is Advovate for Soldiers".  National Guard News.

December 23, 2010.  "Kentucky Adjutant General Visits Afghanistan".  National Guard.

December 21, 2010.  "NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon shoots sniper rifle while visiting with National Guard Special Forces".

December 15, 2010.  "Andrew Mick, 47, of Special Forces, wants to go back to Afghanistan".  Palm Beach Post.

December 14, 2010.  "Pain is Fleeting".  National Guard News.

December 12, 2010.  "Albatross Was a Maryland Air Guard Classic".  175th Wing News.

December 9, 2010.  "SSG Tim Kennedy's Journal".  National Guard.

December 8, 2010.  "Florida Special Forces reaches out to potential recruits through new initiative".  Florida Guard Online.

December 7, 2010.  "Andre Murnane".  The Examiner.

December 6, 2010.  "OTF Soldier Story".  Army News.

December 4, 2010.  "National Guard families mark the holidays".  Courier-Journal.

December 4, 2010.  "Valley raises $$$ for wounded soldiers".  Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald.

December 1, 2010.  "Army National Guard Components".

December 2010.  "Special Forces program helps Soldiers prepare, train, and perform", The Alabama Guardsman, December 2010. (Adobe Acrobat pdf).

November 28, 2010.  "Army to expand active, Guard special ops force".  National Guard.

November 16, 2010.  "20th SFG Soldiers Honored at Chicago Blackhawks Veterans Day Game".  Army News.

November 10, 2010.  "Jan Qadam village presence patrol".  DVIDS.

November 5, 2010.  "Special Forces Soldiers Train With Slovenians".  National Guard News.

November 5, 2010.  "Utah, Morocco Partnership Excels".  National Guard News.

November 5, 2010.  "Silver Star for Ohio Green Beret".  National Guard News.

November 5, 2010.  "Utah Leaps Into History".  National Guard News.

October 26, 2010.  "SFC Daniel Crabtree Memorial 5K Aids Family, SOWF".  Special Operatons Warrior Foundation.

October 26, 2010.  "Soldier, 59, who died in training exercise was expert jumper".  The Columbus Dispatch.

September 30, 2010.  "Do you have what it takes to do this?"  Massachusetts National Guard.

September 8, 2010.  "USSF helps Paktia locals prepare for winter".  USASOC News Service.

August 16, 2010.  "Maryland Guard Amputee Takes First Jump with Prosthetic".  The Bay

August 6, 2010.  "First National Guard Special Forces Soldier Successfully Jumps with Prosthetic".  USASFC Facebook.

August 2, 2010.  "Florida's Special Forces Soldiers deploy overseas".  Florida Guard Online.

July 23, 2010.  "Joint team jumps together in Cambodia".  Army News.

July 8, 2010.  "Special Forces candidates put to test".  Northwest Guardian.

May 24, 2010.  "USASOC Utah Guard unit trains to air-drop cargo".  USASOC News Service.

April 1, 2010.  "Special unit of the Alabama Guard, and the Green Beret Foundation".  The Examiner.

February 21, 2010.  "Ohio Special Forces unit holds annual celebration".  Ohio National Guard.

February 9, 2010.  "In the Presence of Greatness".  National Guard News.

May 16, 2010.  "Gordon unveils Special Forces paint scheme for Texas race".  National Guard.

August 19, 2009.  "MMA fighter wins battle to stay in Army".  Army Times.

August 3, 2009.  "Ohio National Guard Special Forces Company to return". Ohio National Guard.

July 29, 2009.  "Guardsmen back from months in Afghanistan".  The Columbus Dispatch.

July 28, 2009.  "Ohio Guard Special Forces unit begins arriving home". The Columbus Dispatch.

July 18, 2009.  "With busy times behind it and in front of it, Alabama Army Guard's 20th Special Forces Group changes commanders".

July 16, 2009.  "20th Special Forces Group - BHAM Celebrates 50 Years".  The Birmingham Times.

September 17, 2008.  "Ohio National Guard's B/2-19th Special Forces Group to deploy".  Ohio National Guard.

September 10, 2008.  "Florida Guardsmen act fast to keep Key West citizens safe".  Army News.

August 8, 2008.  "Special Forces Soldiers reflect on fallen Ohio Guard Comrade".  National Guard.

July 8, 2008.  "Recruiting in the fast lane".  National Guard.

July 14, 2008.  "Ohio, Serbia continue cooperation, training".  National Guard.

July 2008.  "Ohio and Serbia elite team up".  Ohio National Guard.

June 23, 2008.  "Utah National Guard Soldiers Receive Silver Star, Bronze Star".  Army News.

May 1, 2008.  "Guard Green Berets recognized in Afghanistan".  Army Times.

April 29, 2008.  "National Guard Special Forces Soldiers leave Afghanistan a better place".  USASOC News Service.

March 19, 2008.  "TX National Guard Unveils Newly Formed Green Beret Unit".  KTEN

January 7, 2008.  "Army gives N.C. guardsman the Silver Star".  Army Times.

December 2007.  "My SF Mountain Sustainment Training".  Washington Army National Guard.

December 2007.  "SF Trains for Terrain".  Washington Army National Guard.

July 5, 2007.  "Montana to Once Again Have A U.S. Army Special Forces Unit".  National Guard.

May 22, 2007.  "Benefits of joining Special Forces spelled out by recruiter at Vilseck".  Stars and Stripes.

March 11, 2007.  "Special forces lend a hand to counterparts".  Stars & Stripes.

September 7, 2006.  "Ohio National Guard Green Berets return home".  Ohio National Guard.

August 30, 2005.  "Guardsmen on a rescue and relief mission".

August 2005. "Jumpmaster Course Offers New Training Opportunity". Washington Army National Guard.

2005. "Value Added: A/1/19th SFG in Iraq", Veritas, Vol. 1, No.1. A NG SF company from Washington state deploys to Kuwait and then Iraq during the initial push into Iraq as part of Operation Desert Spring.

May 14, 2004.  "National Guard Unit Moving to Roanoke Rapids".

February 23, 2004.  "Md. Guard valorous in Afghanistan".  The Baltimore Sun.

September 2003.  "Lethal Envoys".  National Guard Magazine.

July 7, 2003.  "Army begins recruiting civilians directly into Special Forces in response to demand".  Lubbock Online.

June 2002.  "Special Forces".  American Heritage.

March 2003.  "Special Operations Forces Become Network-Centric".  Signal Online.

May 2, 2002.  "Special Forces Guard troops go to the fight".  SFAHQ.

June 2001.  "Working Your Way Up In The World".  Washington Army National Guard.

January 2001.  "Careful Where You Point That Thing".  Washington Army National Guard.

October 1999.  "Helocast! Now That's Hoo-ah!"  Washington Army National Guard.

February 21, 1991.  "First special forces units called up. Persian Gulf Showdown".  Baltimore Sun.


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